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Chicago Criminal Defense Lawyer Michael Rosenblat wins fourth not guilty verdict in a row

Chicago Crimlaw-education-series-3-1467430inal Defense Lawyer Michael Rosenblat wins fourth not guilty verdict in a row.

Mr. Rosenblat’s most recent not guilty came on May 13, 2016 when the judge found the defendant not guilty of domestic battery.  The alleged victim claimed that the defendant pushed a heavy object into her knocking her to the ground.  In order to prove its case, the Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney called two witnesses to testify, the alleged victim and a Chicago Police Officer. Mr. Rosenblat’s cross-examination of the complaining witnesses exposed the fact that she could not see who caused the object to be pushed into her.  The cross-examination also uncovered many inconsistencies in her testimony that defied common sense.  The defendant was found not guilty without the defense calling a single witness.

On March 30, 2016, Mr. Rosenblat’s client was found not guilty of aggravated robbery, a charge that carried a maximum sentence of up 30 years in prison.    The complaining witness added facts in his testimony, which he never told to the police even though he was interviewed multiple times.  Mr. Rosenblat’s cross-examination of the victim’s prior inconsistent statements showed that he was not credible. Mr. Rosenblat called several witnesses in the defense case in chief, including the defendant.  Defendant was found not guilty of all charges.

At a trial on April 22, 2015, the defendant who was charged with aggravated DUI, a felony, was found not guilty.   The prosecutor called the arresting officer who testified that the defendant failed the standard field sobriety tests and appeared to be under the influence.  Mr. Rosenblat cross-examined the police officer, and showed the court the police video including the in-car video of the defendant.  Mr. Rosenblat’s through review to the evidence, including the DVD produced by the police, revealed that there was a video recording of the defendant in the police car immediately after his arrest.  This evidence proved critical to the court finding the defendant not guilty and surprised the judge who was unaware that defendants were being recorded while in the back of the squad car.  After the close of the evidence, the defendant was found not guilty.

On April 29, 2015, defendant who was charged with aggravated assault was found not guilty.  Mr. Rosenblat called several character witnesses for the defendant and the defendant to testify.  Mr. Rosenblat’s closing argument highlighted the motivation for the alleged victim to lie about the offense.  The defendant was found not guilty.

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