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Chicago criminal defense attorney Michael C. Rosenblat is an experienced trial attorney and has represented clients charged in State, Federal, and military courts throughout the United States. In state court actions, Mr. Rosenblat has represented clients in Cook, Lake, DuPage, Kane, Will, McHenry, Kankakee, Livingston, Henry, and McLean counties in addition to other counties in Illinois. Mr. Rosenblat has represented clients in Federal Courts in the Northern District of Illinois, Northern District of Indiana, and the Central District of Illinois.

Before creating his own law firm, Mr. Rosenblat practiced law as an Army Judge Advocate General and prosecuted or represented soldiers in Court-Martials and administrative discharge proceedings. Mr. Rosenblat continued his legal practice upon leaving active duty with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. At the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Rosenblat prosecuted murder, official misconduct, securities fraud, and other high profile and sophisticated crimes. Mr. Rosenblat was promoted to Deputy Chief Criminal Prosecutions, and also acted as lead prosecutor for the Illinois Medicaid Fraud Control Unit. Mr. Rosenblat also served as Deputy Chief of the Special Litigation Bureau.

Upon leaving the Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Rosenblat practiced complex civil litigation including class actions and worked on cases such as the Ford-Firestone Tire litigation.

Mr. Rosenblat’s commitment to representing individuals charged with serious crimes prompted him to open his own law firm, which allowed him to continue to represent those charged with criminal offenses in Federal and State courts, and under the UCMJ. Mr. Rosenblat has represented, attorneys, the children of attorneys, police officers, physicians, teachers, and has appeared on numerous television shows to include CNN, Fox News, WLS Radio, WGN television, and was quoted in the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Rosenblat has also received awards from the National Academy of Criminal Defense Attorneys Top Ten Attorney Award, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Lawyers, in addition to other awards or acknowledgments.

Mr. Rosenblat’s legal expertise and aggressive defense resulted in the Cook County State’s Attorney dismissing Child Pornography charges after a client was indicted, and a murder charge after the defendant was extradited from out of state. Mr. Rosenblat also won his last five cases that went to trial including a misdemeanor DUI at the Markham Courthouse, an aggravated robbery trial in Chicago, at 26th & California, a domestic battery case trial at 555 W. Harrison, Chicago, a felony DUI in Skokie, and an aggravated battery in Skokie.

Mr. Rosenblat believes in winning his cases by spending the time and effort to thoroughly review the evidence and investigate the case while exploring and researching every possible legal theory that could result in prosecution evidence being excluded or the case being dismissed. Mr. Rosenblat’s defense is confident, aggressive, and realistic. His defense is tailored to your specific case and does not approach each case with a similar defense strategy, or a “one size fits all” defense. Although we first try to win every case, in certain situations that is simply not possible. If the client decides after reviewing the evidence and being fully informed as to the nature of the case and the possible penalties decides to plead guilty, we do everything possible to present mitigation that will decrease the severity of the sentence whether that is a lesser sentence to incarceration or a lesser offense or both, Mr. Rosenblat routinely receives outstanding sentences and dispositions for his client.

Examples of cases Mr. Rosenblat worked on include:

  • Aggravated Discharge of Firearm
  • Arson
  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Burglary
  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Criminal Damage to Property
  • Criminal Sexual Abuse
  • Criminal Sexual Assault
  • Criminal Trespass to Real Property
  • Criminal Trespass to Residence
  • Deceptive Practices
  • Defacing Identification Marks of Firearms
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Domestic Battery
  • Driving with Suspended or Revoked Driver’s License
  • Drug Crimes
  • Drug Possession
  • DUI
  • Financial Crimes
  • Financial Exploitation of an Elderly or Disable Person
  • Financial Identity Theft
  • Fleeing To Elude Police
  • Forgery
  • Health care Fraud
  • Home Invasion
  • Mail Fraud
  • Mob Action
  • Murder
  • Obstructing Justice
  • Possession Drug Paraphernalia
  • Possession, Distribution Trafficking – Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin, Morphine, LSD
  • Predatory Criminal Sexual Assault of a Child
  • Reckless Conduct
  • Reckless Discharge of a Firearm
  • Reckless Driving
  • Residential Burglary
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Retail Theft
  • Robbery
  • Robbery
  • Sex Crimes
  • Stalking
  • State Benefit Fraud
  • Telephone Harassment
  • Theft
  • Threatening Public Officials
  • UCMJ
  • Unlawful Possession of Firearms and Firearm Ammunition
  • Unlawful Restraint
  • Unlawful Use of Possession of Weapons by Felons
  • Unlawful Use of Weapons
  • Wire Fraud

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