Whistleblower Attorney Chicago

Chicago attorney Michael Rosenblat represents individuals under the False Claims Act and related qui tam or whistleblower statutes, defends individuals and businesses being investigated or charged for white collar crimes, typically related to health care fraud, Medicare and Medicaid investigations, and military members for UCMJ violations or administrative separations.

Michael C. Rosenblat has a thorough understanding of the False Claims Act, health care fraud, provider audits, and white-collar crimes after his assignment to the Illinois Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, the Illinois Attorney General’s Special Litigation Bureau, the AG’s Criminal Prosecutions Bureau, and as a private defense attorney. 

Attorney Rosenblat’s False Claims Act clients are typically insiders seeking to stop fraud, waste, and abuse through the False Claims Act and related state statutes. He also represents individuals, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other professionals, being audited, investigated, or charged with overbilling or fraud-related crimes. Mr. Rosenblat represents defendants who have been accused of white-collar crimes, such as healthcare fraud-related offenses, credit card fraud, internet crimes, and bank fraud.

Rosenblat Law’s representation is detail-oriented, and attorney Rosenblat uses his experience as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney. As a result, he evaluates a case from all sides and obtains the best possible results for his clients. Rosenblat Law successfully represents clients in the following practice areas:

False Claims Act
Health Care Fraud
Criminal Defense

Qui tam laws existed for hundreds of years. It comes from the longer Latin phrase, “qui tam pro domino rege quam pro se ipso in hac parte sequitur,” which translates to “he who sues on our Lord the King’s behalf as well as his own.” Qui Tam laws are rooted in Roman and Anglo-Saxon laws. These laws have become today’s version of the False Claims Act.

What makes these laws so empowering is that they allow ordinary people to file claims on behalf of the government. Today, the false claim act and other laws protect citizens who witness and report fraud on the government.

Receiving an audit request for information from the government could be intimidating and bewildering because each government agency or government contractor addresses health care fraud differently. Some government agencies ask for specific patient files, while others will identify a particular area of risk and conduct a random audit. Some agencies will conduct audits and investigations if there is a suspicion of health care fraud based on billing outliers.

Rosenblat Law will use their experience in criminal and civil healthcare fraud to provide healthcare clients with the clairvoyance necessary to mitigate the potential of criminal exposure while being audited. Mike Rosenblat has been practicing healthcare law for over 20 years in the Chicago area and throughout Illinois and the United States. If you are being investigated or audited, you can contact Rosenblat Law at 847-480-2390 or by emailing Mike at mike@RosenblatLaw.com.

Successful defense of healthcare investigations and provider audits often requires building a team, gathering evidence in support of your specific defense, and then challenging the denial of claims based on medical necessity, improper CPT Codes, or fighting an extrapolation. Often an expert opinion is required to support these defenses.

Rosenblat Law represents providers in the following auditing areas:

  • RAC Audits (Recovery Audit Contractors)
  • ZPIC Audits (Zone Program Integrity Contractors)
  • Private payor audits (Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, etc.)
  • Medicaid OIG Audits (Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services/Office of Inspector General)
  • MFCU Audits and Investigations (Medicaid Fraud Control Unit)

Rosenblat Law works with its healthcare provider clients to provide the representation and services the healthcare provider needs. Healthcare counsel is not required by law, but having an experienced healthcare fraud attorney advocating on your behalf can lead to more favorable rulings. Rosenblat law will use its experience, insight, and relationships with the government to defend our clients aggressively and negotiate a favorable resolution if necessary.

Whistleblower Lawsuits and The False Claims Act

Michael Rosenblat has been prosecuting False Claims Act cases for almost 20 years. During his time at the MFCU, he focused on fraud that affected the Medicaid Program. While at the Special Litigation Bureau, he prosecuted whistleblower claims and other violations of the Illinois False Claims Act.

Rosenblat Law can prepare your False Claims Act case to ensure that it is in the best position to succeed and will pursue cases even when the government declines to intervene and take over the case. Rosenblat Law will remain dedicated to your whistleblower claim for as long as the case continues to be legally and factually justified.

Mr. Rosenblat’s firm takes a proactive approach while investigating False Claims Act violations. Using this approach, they can produce complaints and disclosure statements demonstrating the allegations alleged in the False Claims Act qui tam complaint.

The consequences for theft crimes vary considerably from first-offense misdemeanors to felony charges. Rosenblat Law has represented clients charged with state or federal financial crimes in Chicago and throughout Illinois.