Whistleblower Attorney Chicago

Chicago whistleblower attorney Michael Rosenblat represents individuals under the False Claims Act and related qui tam or whistleblower statutes. Mr. Rosenblat also represents clients in Healthcare Fraud and Audit Defense, Federal and State Criminal, and UCMJ and related actions. Michael C. Rosenblat has a thorough understanding of the False Claims Act, health care fraud, provider audits, and white-collar crimes after his assignment to the Illinois Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, the Illinois Attorney General’s Special Litigation Bureau, the AG’s Criminal Prosecutions Bureau, where he served as Deputy Chief, and as a private defense counsel.

Among attorney Rosenblat’s clients are physicians, pharmaceutical sales representatives, pharmacists, nurses, and other professionals seeking to stop fraud, waste, and abuse through the False Claims Act, the Illinois Whistleblower Reward and Protection Act, and other federal and state statutes. He also represents individuals, including physicians, pharmacists, nurses, and other professionals who are being audited, investigated, or charged with overbilling and other fraud-related offenses. Mr. Rosenblat also takes on defendants who have been charged with white-collar crimes, such as credit card fraud, internet crimes, and healthcare fraud offenses.