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The Rosenblat Law Firm is dedicated to representing clients in the following practice areas: False Claims Act litigation, criminal defense, civil rights, and select civil litigation matters. These practice areas though seemingly unrelated, actually enhance the ability of the firm to provide its clients with the best representation possible. Civil rights litigation and criminal defense often have related discovery and evidentiary issues and what is learned in the contents of defending a criminal case can benefit another client in the pursuit of a civil rights matter. Likewise, the government’s investigation of a financial crime can offer insight into how to investigate and prosecute a False Claims Act case. That being said:

The Rosenblat Firm is devoted to representing individuals, whistleblowers, in the Chicago area and throughout the United States, who have information that a company or person is violating the False Claims Act, or SEC or IRS regulations. Mr. Rosenblat is often selected by other firms that represent whistleblower to act as co-counsel or local counsel for false claims act cases filed in the Northern District of Illinois, confirming his status as the go-to False Claims Act attorney in the Chicago area. If you believe, you have information that a company is violating the False Claims Act, or is committing SEC or IRS fraud contact us now.

Mr. Rosenblat is one of the few attorneys in private practice who have had the opportunity to see and review, while serving as a member of the Illinois Medicaid Fraud Control Unit with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office, countless false claims act cases filed by whistleblowers. This has given the Rosenblat Law Firm real insight in false claims act litigation. When the Rosenblat Law Firm makes a commitment to represent a whistleblower, after conducting its own investigation, and files a False Claims Act case, the firm will stand behind that client and pursue that case even if the government declines to intervene, so long as it is practicable to do so.

Mr. Rosenblat’s dedicated, determined, and successful representation of a whistleblower in a declined False Claims Act case, ultimately resulted in a $225 million settlement.

Mr. Rosenblat has successfully filed False Claims Act cases, represented whistleblowers, and is the co-author of a legal education publication on Prosecuting a False Claims Act case under the Illinois False Claims Act. When seeking an attorney to represent you on a False Claims Act case contact the Rosenblat Law Firm for a comprehensive case review. You can be confident that your case with be reviewed both factual and legally and that consulting experts with be utilized whenever necessary. The complex nature of these cases, including the legal huddles to a successful filing point to only one conclusion: that you hire an attorney who is experienced and has been successful in filing False Claims Act cases. Contact Mr. Rosenblat today to schedule a comprehensive case review.

Michael Rosenblat also represents individuals charged with crimes ranging from Federal Offenses to state misdemeanors who are looking for an attorney who is dedicated to providing them with the representation that they need and deserve. This representation can include the filing of motions to quash arrest and suppress evidence, a bench or jury trial, the preparation and submission of mitigation to the prosecutor for a client seeking to obtain a favorable sentencing recommendation, or to have the charges reduced or dismissed.

The Rosenblat Law Firm also represents individuals who have had their civil rights violated by government officials including police officers who have used excessive force in conducting an arrest or acted in such a manner as to violate ones constitutional rights.

Because of Mr. Rosenblat’s experience in these areas, Mr. Rosenblat is often sought out to represent individuals in other civil or criminal matters.

Law Firm Philosophy

As an attorney, I strive to provide my clients with the best representation possible. My clients are treated as individuals, kept informed of the status of their case, the evidence for and against them, their causes of action and defenses, and the possible outcomes. Litigation is rarely a simple and routine matter and I guarantee that my clients are informed of the risks and benefits associated with each strategic decisions. This allows my clients, to make informed decisions as to his or her rights.

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