False Claims Act Attorney in Illinois


Michael C. Rosenblat a successful False Claims Act and qui tam attorney began litigating False Claims Act cases when he was assignment to the Illinois Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit (“MFCU”). After working on Medicaid Fraud False Claims Act cases Mr. Rosenblat was then assigned to the Illinois Attorney General’s Special Litigation Bureau. The Special Litigation Bureau represents the State of Illinois in cases filed under the Illinois False Claims Act, which do not allege that false claims were submitted to the Medicaid Program. The Illinois False Claims Act was previously known as the Illinois Whistleblower Reward and Protection Act. The Special Litigation Bureau was tasked with litigating all non-Medicaid False Claims Act cases.

Mr. Rosenblat represented the State of Illinois as part of the National Association of Medicaid Fraud Control Units global settlement team. He also represented the qui tam plaintiff in a False Claims Act lawsuit against Amerigroup, alleging Medicaid fraud.

The Illinois False Claims Act (740 ILCS 175/1), was enacted to protect the State of Illinois from companies or individuals submitting false claims or fraudulent claims to the State of Illinois for products or services. A typical false claim relates to medical or healthcare products or services, or military spending, or general expenditures like road construction. The Illinois False Claims Act is based on and similar to the Federal False Claims Act. Not only are the subsections of the statutes which create liability similar, but the qui tam provisions are also similar. The False Claim Acts reward and encourages individuals to monitor and report fraudulent behavior.

Violations of the False Claims Act involving Medicare and Medicaid fraud and contracting fraud are the most common types of false claims or fraudulent claims submitted. Since Medicaid is a program which is funded by both the Federal and State governments, false claims submitted to the Medicaid program are in violation of both the Federal False Claims Act and the Illinois False Claims Act. When a False Claims Act qui tam lawsuit is filed alleging a violation based on claims submitted to Medicaid, both the Federal and Illinois False Claims Acts must be alleged to ensure that the relator, whistleblower, or qui tam plaintiff receives an award from both governments.

Individuals who report fraud against the government are legally entitled to an award and are entitled to protection against retaliation from their employer. Awards normally range from 15% to 25% if the government intervenes in the case and between 25% and 30% if the government declines intervention. “Intervention” is when the government takes over the case as lead prosecutor. When the government declines intervention, the private attorney representing the qui tam plaintiff will act as the lead prosecutor on behalf of the government. Have worked as an attorney with the Illinois Medicaid Fraud Control Unit in Chicago, Michael Rosenblat has extensive experience in Medicaid Fraud and related False Claims Act cases.

Michael C. Rosenblat has the experience and knowledge to successfully represent whistleblowers under the False Claims Act. If you are aware of violations of the False Claims Act contact us today. There are time and other limitation on filing these claims, including first to file and original source limitations.


If you have uncovered fraud against the government, Michael C. Rosenblat can help you obtain the award you are entitled to receive. You can reach Chicago whistleblower attorney Michael C. Rosenblat by calling 847-480-2390. You can also contact the law firm online.