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The Commodity Futures Trading Commission is a government agency that is intended to protect the public from fraudulent or manipulative business practices related to sales within financial and commodity markets. Similar to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the CFTC collaborates with law enforcement agencies in order to uncover fraudulent practices that violate the Commodity Exchanges Act (7 USC 1, et seq).

Providing Representation For Reporting Fraud to the CFTC

Individuals who provide information for the successful enforcement of an action, whether judicial or administrative, shall be paid not less than 10 percent and not more than 30 percent of the total amount collected.

Who Qualifies for Whistleblower Protection?

A person who reports or provides information relating to a violation of the Commodity Exchanges Act is defined as a whistleblower under the act and may not be retaliated against because of a lawful act done by the whistleblower.

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Cook County, Illinois, Whistleblower Rewards Lawyer

A whistleblower is legally entitled to an award for reporting information to the CTFC that results in a successful enforcement action.

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