Internet Sex Crimes Attorney in Chicago

CHICAGO INTERNET SEX CRIMES ATTORNEY Protecting Rights and Reputations

The number of online sex crime cases prosecuted in Illinois increases every year. Law enforcement and prosecutors pursue these cases aggressively, seeking convictions and long prison sentences. Even if you are innocent, your reputation can be damaged beyond repair simply because of the allegations.

If you are accused of an online sex crime, it is imperative to work with a defense lawyer who understands how the Internet and the law intersect. That is the kind of attorney you will find at Michael C. Rosenblat. Led by Chicago-area Internet sex crimes lawyer Michael C. Rosenblat, our firm is dedicated to protecting your freedom and your good name. We understand how prosecutors approach these cases, and we counter with our extensive knowledge of computers, file storage and the law.Strong Defense Against all Illinois Internet Sex Crimes

Those accused of sex crimes are often convicted in the media before they ever have a chance to defend themselves in court. Internet crimes lawyer Michael Rosenblat takes swift and decisive action to protect our clients from unfair treatment. Inside and outside of court, our firm vigorously defends those accused of a range of computer crimes such as:

  • Online solicitation of a minor
  • Child pornography possession
  • Child pornography distribution
  • Webcam offenses

We work with computer forensic experts and other specialists whenever necessary. We ask the important questions that are vital to defending our clients: Who had access to the computer? Is there a possibility that you were entrapped by an online sting operation? Did a computer virus download child pornography to your hard drive?

We will force the prosecution to prove every element of its case. Your freedom and your reputation are too precious to settle for anything less.Contact a Glenview Online Solicitation Lawyer Today

If you are seeking legal representation or would like more information about our services, contact Michael C. Rosenblat to set up an initial consultation. You can reach Northbrook Attorney Michael C. Rosenblat by calling 847-480-2390. You can also contact our law firm online.